Banana Pudding Cake

3:41 PM

This is a recipe that I shared last year and I am sharing it again since it is just so easy and delicious!

You will need:
Pound Cake (I used a store bought ready made one)
Cheesecake Filling (Philadelphia makes a delish one)
Banana Pudding Mix
Sliced Bananas
Vanilla Wafers

To prevent your bananas from browning, sprinkle with a little lemon juice.Slice about 2 bananas. You may need more depending on the size of the cake. My cake was fairly small and two bananas was more than enough. 

 In bowl mix the cheesecake filling with one packet of banana pudding mix. One packet is enough for one tub of cheesecake filling. Mix well.

Next crush a nice helping of vanilla wafers. Roughly crushed would be perfect for the crumbled cookies. Do not crush too small. 

Slice your cake in half.  Begin coating the bottom layer with a nice heap of the cheesecake mixture. 

Then begin layering the cookies and bananas! Add second cake layer and top it the same way. 

 You can also drizzle your cake with a nice caramel sauce.I cheated and used store bought! It tasted delish and this simple easy cake was a hit!

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